3 Months In

Today marks 3 months of sobriety.

What began initially as a cut down in alcohol at the beginning of 2018 has now become a permanent change when I gave up drinking 3 months ago. Whilst I wouldn’t describe myself as an alcoholic, my drinking had gotten problematic for me and I was drinking on a much too regular basis. The changes from going sober have been life changing.

The main reason I drank was to help unwind at the end of the day but what I have learned during this time is that having a few glasses of wine in the evening was really having a much larger effect than I thought it was. Feeling tired and low was making my problems feel larger than they were, and I was wasting a lot of time worrying. My anxiety had been at an all time high and I wasn’t able to handle life’s challenges in the best way.

of the biggest changes I have noticed since stopping drinking is how much more
time I seem to have.

Mornings in particular were difficult for me. It’s hardly surprising given that alcohol affects sleep patterns.

Gone is the fuzzy head and inevitable hangover! I also naturally wake much earlier which means that the school run isn’t the same rush. It has meant that I feel less stressed in the mornings as I’m not rushing to get the kids ready.

It may also be a knock on effect of having a good start to the day

 but I am also much more productive with work; my mind feels sharper and I am less likely to procrastinate because I’m feeling tired.

My energy levels have also been on the up and this extra energy means I have been going to the gym more and over all I am feeling fitter and healthier.

I can’t imagine going back to how I was before, I really feel as though I have unlocked more potential in me and I am thoroughly enjoying using the extra time and energy to focus on my family and career.

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